Regional differences in architecture and mineralization of developing mandibular bone.

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The goal of this study was to investigate the mutual relationship between architecture and mineralization during early development of the pig mandible. These factors are considered to define the balance between the requirements for bone growth on the one hand and for load bearing on the other. Architecture and mineralization were examined using micro-CT, whereas the mineral composition was assessed spectrophotometrically in groups of fetal and newborn pigs. The development of the condyle coincided with a reorganization of bone elements without an increase in bone volume fraction, but with an increase in mineralization and a change in mineral composition. In the corpus, the bone volume fraction and mineralization increased simultaneously with a restructuring of the bone elements and a change in mineral composition. The growth of the condyle was reflected by regional differences in architecture and mineralization. The anterior and inferior regions were characterized by a more dense bone structure and a higher mineralization as compared to posterior and superior regions, respectively. In the corpus, growth was mainly indicated by differences between buccal and lingual plates as well as between anterior, middle, and posterior regions characterized by a more compact structure and higher mineralization in the lingual and middle regions. In conclusion, the architecture and mineralization in the condyle and corpus started to deviate early during development toward their destiny as trabecular and cortical bone, respectively. These results were compatible with those obtained with mineral composition analysis. Regional differences within condyle and corpus reflected known developmental growth directions.
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