Reemployment crafting: proactively shaping one's job search

Inge L. Hulshof (Corresponding author), Evangelia Demerouti, Pascale M. Le Blanc

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This article introduces the concept of reemployment crafting: the proactive, self-initiated behaviors undertaken by the unemployed to shape the environmental conditions of their job search in a way that enhances the person-environment (P-E) fit during the job search process. Using 2 longitudinal studies (Study 1: 3-wave study over a 3-month period, N = 153; Study 2: 4-day diary study, N = 189, days = 627), we investigated whether the manner in which the unemployed craft their job search is similar to the way employees craft their job. We examined whether reemployment crafting was positively related to job search performance (i.e., environmental exploration and networking behavior) and reemployment chances. Moreover, we examined whether contingency factors (i.e., social support and subjective goal attainment) affected the effectiveness of reemployment crafting. Results from both samples confirmed that the way the unemployed craft their job searches is similar to the way that employees craft their jobs. Reemployment crafting was positively related to job search performance, both within a 3-month period and within days. Moreover, reemployment crafting was especially beneficial for environmental exploration on days when social support and goal attainment were low. Last, environmental exploration was related to networking behavior, which in turn was predictive of reemployment chances. Specifically, in the diary study networking quality was related to reemployment status, while within the 3-month period, networking intensity seemed more effective. We conclude that reemployment crafting seems a promising way to enhance job search performance and ultimately the chances of finding reemployment
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TijdschriftJournal of Applied Psychology
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StatusGepubliceerd - jan. 2020


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