Reduced-order modelling of wind turbines

K. Elkington, J.G. Slootweg, M. Ghandhari, W.L. Kling

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In this chapter power system dynamics simulation(PSDS) isused to study the dynamics of large-scale power systems. It is necessary to incorporate models of wind turbine generating systems into PSDS software packages in order to analyse the impact of high wind power penetration on electrical power systems. These models need to match the assumptions and simplifications applied in this type of simulation. This chapter presents models that can be used to represent wind turbines in PSDSs. We give a brief introduction to PSDS, and describe the three main wind turbine types and the assumptions on which they are modelled. We then present the models of the various subsystems of each of the most important current wind turbine types are then presented. The response of the models to a simulated wind speed sequence is then shown.
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TitelWind power in power systems (2nd ed.)
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