Reduced memory meet-in-the-middle attack against the NTRU private key

Christine van Vredendaal

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NTRU is a public-key cryptosystem introduced at ANTS-III. The two most used techniques in attacking the NTRU private key are meet-in-the-middle attacks and lattice-basis reduction attacks. Howgrave-Graham combined both techniques in 2007 and pointed out that the largest obstacle to attacks is the memory capacity that is required for the meet-in-the-middle phase. In the present paper an algorithm is presented that applies low-memory techniques to find 'golden' collisions to Odlyzko's meet-in-the-middle attack against the NTRU private key. Several aspects of NTRU secret keys and the algorithm are analysed. The running time of the algorithm with a maximum storage capacity of w is estimated and experimentally verified. Experiments indicate that decreasing the storage capacity w by a factor 1 < c < √w increases the running time by a factor √c.

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