Reduced abrasion drilling fluid

F. Quiroga (Uitvinder), G. Quercia Bianchi (Uitvinder), R. Rengifo (Uitvinder), M. Mas (Uitvinder)

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A reduced abrasion drilling fluid system and method of drilling a borehole by circulating the reduced abrasion drilling fluid through the borehole is disclosed. The reduced abrasion drilling fluid comprises a drilling fluid, a first additive and a weighting agent, wherein the weighting agent has a particle size of at least 90% by volume less than 50 11 microns.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 25 sep 2012

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    Quiroga, F., Quercia Bianchi, G., Rengifo, R., & Mas, M. (2012). Reduced abrasion drilling fluid. (Octrooi Nr. CA2684264).