Recording and/or reproducing apparatus including a servo control loop

M.L. Norg (Uitvinder), M. Steinbuch (Uitvinder)

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A recording and/or reproducing apparatus for recording/reproducing an information signal in a track on a longitudinal record carrier (2), comprises reel driving means including a motor (11) for driving a reel (9) to rotate to effect a feeding operation of the record carrier in its longitudinal direction. Record carrier speed detection means (20, 21, 56) are present for generating a first detection signal in relation to the speed of the record carrier during said feeding operation. Second detection means (18, 60) are present, adapted to generate a second detection signal having a relation to the radius of the amount of record carrier being wound on said reel. Further, signal combination means (58, 64) are present for combining said first and second detection signal and a predetermined signal which is representative of a predetermined speed of the record carrier so as to obtain a servo control signal, such that the feeding speed of the record carrier may be equal to the predetermined speed. The signal combination means are adapted to generate said servo control signal such that it is equivalent to calculating a deviation between said predetermined signal and said first detection signal, and non-linearly combining said deviation with said second detection signal
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StatusGepubliceerd - 4 apr 1996


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