Rear-emitter silicon heterojunction solar cells with atomic layer deposited ZnO:Al serving as an alternative transparent conducting oxide to In2O3:Sn

Janne Niemelä (Corresponding author), Bart Macco (Corresponding author), Loris Barraud, Antoine Descoeudres, Nicolas Badel, Matthieu Despeisse, Gabriel Christmann, Sylvian Nicolay, C. Ballif, Erwin Kessels, Adriana Creatore

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Here high-efficiency (above 21%) large-area silicon heterojunction solar cells with atomic layer deposited ZnO:Al as front-or back-side transparent conducting oxide are demonstrated. Photoconductance decay measurements indicate that the excellent chemical passivation provided by the a-Si:H(i,p) and a-Si:H(i,n) stacks is preserved upon deposition of ZnO:Al, and that field-effect passivation losses for the a-Si:H(i,p)/ZnO:Al contact can be mitigated by lowering the Al dopinglevel. Use of low Al-doping is enabled by the rear-emitter configuration which, in addition to facilitating the a-Si:H(i,p)/ZnO:Al contact engineering, enables a higher photo-current due to the decrease in free-carrier absorption in ZnO:Al. The results encourage the use of In-free transparent conducting oxides in silicon heterojunction solar cells, as the replacement of In2O3:Sn without efficiency loss is demonstrated.
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TijdschriftSolar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
Nummer van het tijdschrift109953
StatusGepubliceerd - 15 sep 2019


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