Realizability criteria for compositional MSC

A.J. Mooij, J.M.T. Romijn, J.W. Wesselink

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Synthesizing a proper implementation for a scenario-based specification is often impossible, due to the distributed nature of implementations. To be able to detect problematic specifications, realizability criteria have been identified, such as non-local choice. In this work we develop a formal framework to study realizability of compositional MSC [GMP03]. We use it to derive a complete classification of criteria that is closely related to the criteria for MSC from [MGR05]. Comparing specifications and implementations is usually complicated, because different formalisms are used. We treat both of them in terms of a single formalism. Therefore we extend the partial order semantics of [Pra86, KL98] with a way to model deadlocks and with a more sophisticated way to address communication.
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TitelAlgebraic Methodology and Software Technology (Proceedings 11th International Conference, AMAST 2006, Kuressaare, Estonia, July 5-8, 2006)
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