Real time control of plasmas and ECRH systems on TCV

J.I. Paley, J. Berrino, S. Coda, N. Cruz, B.P. Duval, F. Felici, T.P. Goodman, Y. Martin, J.-M. Moret, F. Piras, A.P. Rodriques, B. Santos, C.A.F. Varandas

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Developments in the real time control hardware on Tokamak Configuration Variable (TCV) coupled with the flexibility of plasma shaping and electron cyclotron (EC) heating and current drive actuators are opening many opportunities to perform real time experiments and develop algorithms and methods for fusion applications. The ability to control magnetohydrodynamic instabilities is particularly important for achieving high performance fusion plasmas and EC is envisaged as a key actuator in maintaining high performance. We have successfully demonstrated control of the sawtooth instability using the EC launcher injection angle to modify the current profile around the q =1 surface. This paper presents an overview of recent real time control experiments on TCV, developments in the hardware and algorithms together with plans for the future.
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TijdschriftNuclear Fusion
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2009


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