Rate of dimer formation in stable colloidal solutions quantified using an attractive interparticle force

M.R.W. Scheepers, A.R. Romijn, Leo J. van Ijzendoorn, Menno W.J. Prins (Corresponding author)

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We describe an optomagnetic cluster experiment to understand and control the interactions between particles over a wide range of time scales. Aggregation is studied by magnetically attracting particles into dimers and by quantifying the number of dimers that become chemically bound within a certain time interval. An optomagnetic readout based on light scattering of rotating clusters is used to measure dimer formation rates. Magnetic field settings, that is, field rotation frequency, field amplitude, and on-and off-Times, have been optimized to independently measure both the magnetically induced dimers and chemically bound dimers. The chemical aggregation rate is quantified in solutions with different pH and ionic strengths. The measured rates are extrapolated to effective dimer formation rates in the absence of force, showing that aggregation rates can be quantified over several orders of magnitude, including conditions of very low chemical reactivity.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 13 aug 2019


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