Quantum-state resolved bimolecular collisions of velocity-controlled OH with NO radicals

M. Kirste, X. Wang, H.C. Schewe, G. Meijer, K. Liu, A. van der Avoird, L.M.C. Janssen, K.B. Gubbels, G.C. Groenenboom, S.Y.T. van de Meerakker

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Whereas atom-molecule collisions have been studied with complete quantum-state resolution, interactions between two state-selected molecules have proven much harder to probe. Here, we report the measurement of state-resolved inelastic scattering cross sections for collisions between two open-shell molecules that are both prepared in a single quantum state. Stark-decelerated hydroxyl (OH) radicals were scattered with hexapole-focused nitric oxide (NO) radicals in a crossed-beam configuration. Rotationally and spin-orbit inelastic scattering cross sections were measured on an absolute scale for collision energies between 70 and 300 cm-1. These cross sections show fair agreement with quantum coupled-channels calculations using a set of coupled model potential energy surfaces based on ab initio calculations for the long-range nonadiabatic interactions and a simplistic short-range interaction. This comparison reveals the crucial role of electrostatic forces in complex molecular collision processes.

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Nummer van het tijdschrift6110
StatusGepubliceerd - 23 nov 2012
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Kirste, M., Wang, X., Schewe, H. C., Meijer, G., Liu, K., van der Avoird, A., ... van de Meerakker, S. Y. T. (2012). Quantum-state resolved bimolecular collisions of velocity-controlled OH with NO radicals. Science, 338(6110), 1060-1063. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.1229549