Protected Urban Planet : monitoring the evolution of protected urban areas worldwide

R. Verbruggen, A.R. Pereira Roders, N. Stash, D. Leony, P.M.E. De Bra

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    This paper aims to introduce Protected Urban Planet (PUP), the first tool developed for visualizing, mapping and contributing to information exchange on the evolution of protected urban areas worldwide. Besides locating them, Protected Urban Planet provides communities with means to disseminate and raise awareness for their cultural significance, while monitoring their threats and causes and sharing assessment methods and tools. Protected Urban Planet brings together spatial data, descriptive information and images from various sources, which together are today unrealistic for communities to reach. We look at Protected Urban Planet in comparison to (1) three other tools developed for heritage management such as Protected Planet, Red List of Threatened Species, Arches; (2) demonstrators for providing personalized access to cultural/world heritage information that are based on CHIP project results; and (3) three tools outside the heritage management field cartoDB, CAPA and LearnGlass that could be used for extending the features of PUP. We provide a comparative analysis that discusses the differences and similarities between the tools. The comparison has three focal points: (a) how data is analyzed and visualized, (b) what is analyzed, and (c) who contributes and benefits from the tools. The results contribute to setting a research agenda around alike tools, as well as, their contribution to the raise of reliability on research targeting a comparative analysis on the evolution of protected urban areas worldwide.
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    TitelSpecial Session 'Real Spaces and Cyber Spaces: New Challenges in Regional Science' within ERSA 54th Congress Regional Development & Globalisation: Best practices : Saint Petersburg, Russia, August 26-29, 2014
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2014


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