Prosthetic possibilities with the Denar "Steri-Oss" implant

P.A. Leclercq, G. Magnien

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Implantology, very frequently presented under only the surgical angle, must in fact be approached from a biological and functional point of view. The analysis of the future prosthetic situation will allow an overall treatment scheme to be established, in which periodontics, surgery, prosthodontics and occlusal equilibration will follow each other in order to achieve the functional rehabilitation. In the first part of this article, the various steps which make up the treatment scheme are briefly and quickly described. It is imperative to approach them according to this chronological order when there is any treatment involving implants. While implantology involved only one surgical session a few years ago, it now involves two: the first, consisting of placing the implant in the living tissues, and the second, at some months interval from the first, allowing the endo-osseous portion to be attached to the future prosthesis. These two surgical acts are inter-dependent. Given the wide array of systems proposed and the quantity of "Implant-Prosthesis" connections produced in each system, the practitioner does not always know which kind of connection to choose or how to use it. The second part of the article is devoted to the study of the various connection possibilities between the Steri-oss implants and the prosthesis. The methods for lining up the cores in relation to the others are studied in detail, as are the different possibilities for stabilising removable prosthesis. Some of the methods described can be used with other implant systems.
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TijdschriftCahiers de Prothese
Nummer van het tijdschrift69
StatusGepubliceerd - 1990

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