Progress in InP based photonic integration technology

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Indium Phosphide is a versatile semiconductor material that allows for integration of a broad range of components in a single chip. Basic building blocks include lasers, optical amplifiers, modulators, detectors and a variety of passive components, including wavelength demultiplexers, filters and couplers. InP-chips with record complexities of more than 1700 components integrated in a single chip have been reported. InP-based foundry processes offer low-cost access to mature integration processes with high performance and wafer-scale integration of InP-based photonic circuits with silicon electronics is emerging. Meint Smit will discuss what’s coming next and why this phase is important.
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Titel1st Photonic Integration Conference, 23 September 2015, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2015
Evenement1st Photonic Integration Conference - High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Eindhoven, Nederland
Duur: 23 sep 201523 sep 2015


Congres1st Photonic Integration Conference


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