Progress in differential-algebraic equations : Deskriptor 2013

S. Schöps (Redacteur), A. Bartel (Redacteur), M. Günther (Redacteur), E.J.W. Maten, ter (Redacteur), P.C. Müller (Redacteur)

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This book contains the proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Coupled Descriptor Systems held March 2013 in the Castle of Eringerfeld, Geseke in the neighborhood of Paderborn, Germany. It examines the wide range of current research topics in descriptor systems, including mathematical modeling, index analysis, wellposedness of problems, stiffness and different time-scales, cosimulation and splitting methods and convergence analysis. In addition, the book also presents applications from the automotive and circuit industries that show that descriptor systems provide challenging problems from the point of view of both theory and practice. The book contains nine papers and is organized into three parts: control, simulation, and model order reduction. It will serve as an ideal resource for applied mathematicians and engineers, in particular those from mechanics and electromagnetics, who work with coupled differential equations.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2014

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NaamDifferential-Algebraic Equations Forum
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