Program of Requirements Healthy Dwellings

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Program of Requirements (PoRs) provide a means for clients to express their wishes with regard to a new or to be renovated building. In The Netherlands, PoRs have been developed for the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for offices and schools. They are presented in classes (A/B/C) that define quality levels for the IEQ that support health and comfort. The PoRs 'Healthy Offices' and 'Fresh Schools' are available for more than a decade and well received. They are currently applied on a regular basis in practice. As a follow-up, a PoR for the IEQ of dwellings has been developed (titled: PoR Healthy Dwellings). That PoR is, amongst others, based on the information available from offices and schools. However, the influence of the user on the actual performance is much larger in dwellings, and its occupation is much more diverse. Therefore, for this PoR assumptions have been made to allow for these differences. In this paper, the conditions for and the development of the PoR are explained and some examples are provided. The PoR Healthy Dwellings has been launched in 2022. Developments are ongoing with respect to verification protocols, which is also less straightforward than for offices and schools.

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Evenement18th Healthy Buildings Europe Conference 2023: Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries - Aachen, Duitsland
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Congres18th Healthy Buildings Europe Conference 2023: Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries

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