Processing rights in DRM systems

F.L.A.J. Kamperman (Uitvinder), M. Petkovic (Uitvinder), R.P. (Paul) Koster (Uitvinder), K.H.J. Vrielink (Uitvinder)

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This invention relates to a method of processing rights relating to content, that can be communicated between devices. Typically, a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system imposes limitations of use and distribution, imposed by the service provider, content provider or distributor. The method of the invention renders it possible for a user who has received DRM rights to restrict the right further. The invention is more particularly related to the receipt of DRM rights to Authorized Domain Digital Rights Management (AD-DRM) systems and the introduction of user attributed rights in the form of further restrictions introduced to the received DRM rights. The invention further relates to a Rights Program Template (RPT) facilitating the introduction of such further restrictions in a user friendly way. Finally, the invention relates to a system supporting the method of the invention.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 7 aug. 2012

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WO2005IB51518 20050510 Date: 10-05-2005
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KR101228852 (B1)
KR20070012491 (A)
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