Process mining online assessment data

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Traditional data mining techniques have been extensively applied to find interesting patterns, build descriptive and predictive models from large volumes of data accumulated through the use of different information systems. The results of data mining can be used for getting a better understanding of the underlying educational processes, for generating recommendations and advice to students, for improving management of learning objects, etc. However, most of the traditional data mining techniques focus on data dependencies or simple patterns and do not provide a visual representation of the complete educational (assessment) process ready to be analyzed. To allow for these types of analysis (in which the process plays the central role), a new line of data-mining research, called process mining, has been initiated. Process mining focuses on the development of a set of intelligent tools and techniques aimed at extracting process-related knowledge from event logs recorded by an information system. In this paper we demonstrate the applicability of process mining, and the ProM framework in particular, to educational data mining context. We analyze assessment data from recently organized online multiple choice tests and demonstrate the use of process discovery, conformance checking and performance analysis techniques.
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TitelEducational Data Mining 2009: 2nd International Conference on Educational Data Mining : proceedings [EDM'09], Cordoba, Spain. July 1-3, 2009
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