Process mining for ubiquitous mobile systems : an overview and a concrete algorithm

A.K. Alves De Medeiros, B.F. Dongen, van, W.M.P. Aalst, van der, A.J.M.M. Weijters

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Ubiquitous Mobile Systems (UMSs) allow for automated capturing of events. Both mobility and ubiquity are supported by electronic means such as mobile phones and PDAs and technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth, WLAN, etc. These can be used to automatically record human behavior and business processes in detail. UMSs typically also allow for more flexibility. The combination of flexibility (i.e., the ability to deviate from standard procedures) and the automated capturing of events, provides an interesting application domain for process mining. The goal of process mining is to discover process models from event logs. The a-algorithm is a process mining algorithm whose application is not limited to ubiquitous and/or mobile systems. Unfortunately, the a-algorithm is unable to tackle so-called "short loops", i.e., the repeated occurrence of the same event. Therefore, a new algorithm is proposed to deal with short loops: the a ¿+¿-algorithm. This algorithm has been implemented in the EMiT tool.
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TitelUbiquitous Mobile Information and Collaboration Systems: Second CAiSE Workshop, UMICS 2004, Riga, Latvia, June 7-8, 2004, Revised Selected Papers
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Congresconference; UMICS 2004
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