Process for the manufacture of synthetic saponites

J. Breukelaar (Uitvinder), F.J.A. Kellendonk (Uitvinder), R.A. Santen, van (Uitvinder)

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Abstract of EP0317006 Process for the preparation of synthetic saponites according to the general formula A@@ +z)/n[(Mg3-yMy) (Si4-xAlx)O10Z2] (II) wherein A represents any metal ion having basic or amphoteric properties, M represents a bivalent metal ion having an ionic radius between 0.050 and 0.085 nm or lithium, Z represents a fluoride moiety, n represents the valency of A, x represents a number between 0.05 and 1.5, y represents a number from 0 to 2.95, and z = y when M = lithium and zero when M represents a bivalent metal ion as defined hereinabove, by reacting under solid state conditions a silica source, an alumina source, a magnesia source, a sodium and/or lithium source, a fluoride source and optionally a further source containing A and/or M metal ions and/or a chloride source, at a temperature between the lowest melting point of any alkali fluoride or chloride which is either present as such or which could be formed under solid state synthesis conditions and a temperature not more than 200 DEG C below said temperature. The saponites (constituting novel materials when M represents Ni, Co or Cu) can be used as (catalyst) carriers, e.g. in the (hydro)isomerisation of hydrocarbons.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 24 mei 1989


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