Preliminary design of a tangentially viewing imaging bolometer for NSTX-U

B. J. Peterson, R. Sano, M.L. Reinke, J.M. Canik, L. F. Delgado-Aparicio, J. D. Lore, K. Mukai, T.K. Gray, G.G. van Eden, M.A. Jaworski

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The infrared imaging video bolometer (IRVB) measures plasma radiated power images using a thin metal foil. Two different designs with a tangential view of NSTX-U are made assuming a 640 × 480 (1280 × 1024) pixel, 30 (105) fps, 50 (20) mK, IR camera imaging the 9 cm × 9 cm × 2 μm Pt foil. The foil is divided into 40 × 40 (64 × 64) IRVB channels. This gives a spatial resolution of 3.4 (2.2) cm on the machine mid-plane. The noise equivalent power density of the IRVB is given as 113 (46) μW/cm2 for a time resolution of 33 (20) ms. Synthetic images derived from Scrape Off Layer Plasma Simulation data using the IRVB geometry show peak signal levels ranging from ∼0.8 to ∼80 (∼0.36 to ∼26) mW/cm2.
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TijdschriftReview of Scientific Instruments
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StatusGepubliceerd - nov 2016


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