Predictive ADAS functionalities to lower fuel consumption

H.M.H.H.M. Mohamed

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This project is a proof of concept consisting of four functionalities, all of which are aimed at lowering DAF’s heavy-duty vehicles fuel consumption. In addition, the truck’s safety level, comfort level & road acceptance had to be maintained throughout the lifetime of the project. The proof of concept relies on the current ACC onboard forward radar. Firstly, an investigation took place, to determine the current system’s pitfalls and to highlight the opportunities for improvement. Moreover, using an internal database at DAF, a forecast of the functionalities impact on fuel consumption was determined based on data analysis. Furthermore, the functionalities were defined alongside the requirements and use cases. As a next step, the system was designed and developed with a preliminary architecture for simulation purposes. Later, an impact analysis took place with a corresponding HAZOP & HARA, to ensure the safe migration of the functionalities to the truck. Based on DAF’s preference, one functionality was migrated into the truck and operated successfully as per the proposed design and requirements.
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  • Lazar, Mircea, Begeleider
  • Kessels, John T.B.A., Begeleider
Datum van toekenning31 okt 2017
Plaats van publicatieEindhoven
StatusGepubliceerd - 31 okt 2017

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