Power systems signal processing for smart grids

P.F. Ribeiro, C.A. Duque, P.M. Da Silveira, A.S. Cerqueira

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With special relation to smart grids, this book provides clear and comprehensive explanation of how Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Computational Intelligence (CI) techniques can be applied to solve problems in the power system. Its unique coverage bridges the gap between DSP, electrical power and energy engineering systems, showing many different techniques applied to typical and expected system conditions with practical power system examples. Surveying all recent advances on DSP for power systems, this book enables engineers and researchers to understand the current state of the art and to develop new tools. It presents: - an overview on the power system and electric signals, with description of the basic concepts of DSP commonly found in power system problems - the application of several signal processing tools to problems, looking at power signal estimation and decomposition, pattern recognition techniques, detection of the power system signal variations
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2013

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