Power grid, mains filtering and power line communications ... a root cause for incompatibilities

Mart Coenen

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The power grid is intentionally meant to distribute electrical energy at the mains frequency, as produced by the electricity generating plants, towards the end-users. The three-phase low-voltage distribution network can be utilized more efficiently when a power factor of 1 is achieved and no harmonic distortion is superimposed. Due to an increase of self-generated energy and the near to saturation increase of switching electronics, the loading of the mains distribution network is heavily affected. These same mains distribution networks are still considered for power line communication in two frequency bands: the lower one, 10 kHz – 150 kHz (EN50065), and the one above from 1,6 MHz to 30 MHz e.g. HomePlug, IEEE1901 - See more at: http://www.interferencetechnology.com/power-grid-mains-filtering-power-line-communications-root-cause-incompatibilities/#sthash.OdsKKG4w.dpuf
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TijdschriftInterference Technology : the International Journal of Electromagnetic Compatibility
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