Polarized light out-coupling from lightguides for LCDs

C.M. Heesch, van, H.J.B. Jagt, C. Sanchez, H.J.M. Cornelissen, D.J. Broer, C.W.M. Bastiaansen

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    New designs of lightguide systems, which emit linear polarized light with a high efficiency for transmissive and transflective LCD applications, are presented. These systems are equipped with nano- and/or micro-structured films or coatings, which emit highly collimated or diffuse linearly polarized light with a high efficiency. The films are based on polarization-selective scattering, reflection, or diffraction of light and their properties can be tuned to a large extent dependent on their envisioned application. For instance, edge-lit lightguide systems are discussed, which combine a range of desirable features such as a high transparency in direct view, a direct emission of light at normal angles to the plane of the lightguide, and a purely unidirectional out-coupling of light towards the LCD-side.
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    TijdschriftChemical Record
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