Plastic Planet: A guide to recycling and caring for our environment

Priyanka Main, Dixit Guleria, Maria Moubarak, Christina Kibuta, Fernando Lit, Alejandro Fonseca, Manon Lisiecki, Tiago Belé, Amir Bashirgonbadi, Ehsan Mahmoudi, Bahman Goshayeshi, Rita Kol, Nur Gizem Yalcin, Mubarik Kassim Rabiu, Namrata Mhaddolkar, Heather Margaret Logan

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A lot of children's books about plastic pollution and its effect on the environment have been published. Yet, few of them present the opportunities and solutions for valorizing plastics within the framework of a Circular Economy model.We chose to write this book to demystify the complexity of plastic circularity and to advocate that the problem is not only with the material itself but also with our failure to use it and manage it responsibly. We present, through simple stories, the current research being done in this field to come up with solutions. We believe that children are the architects of the future, and we wrote this book for them, to plant a seed of awareness on how we use and consume the resources of our planet, and how we can improve our practices to use these resources more sustainably.

These stories are for our children to have a better tomorrow. We will have succeeded if we can leave them a world better than ours, and hopefully, they will pass it on even better to the next generation. Perhaps a child who is reading this book today will become tomorrow's product designer, engineer, or environmental activist.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 18 jul. 2023


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