Plasma particle lofting: one million g centrifuge

Tristan W.C. Neelis, J.P. Beckers, A.B. Schrader, L.C.J. Heijmans, S. Nijdam

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Dust can be found everywhere. Mostly it is just annoying, but sometimes it is more than annoying and dust has to be removed. Dust particles stick to a surface as a consequence of the Van der Waals force. We are interested to know how much force a plasma exerts on a particle and whether it is capable of lofting it. In order to do this we need a reference source. For this, we use a centrifuge that can create a force of a million times the gravitational force. In this way we can measure the centrifugal force needed to remove the particles from the surface with and without plasma. This also gives the means to calculate the plasma force in different conditions. In our experiments we link the frequency of rotation to the moment that a particle is removed from the surface, giving us the possibility to calculate the centrifugal force. It is expected that the particles will loft at different times. This is because the Van der Waals force depends heavily on the shape of the surface and of the particles. We will present the results of the first experiments performed with this new set-up.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 3 dec. 2015
EvenementWorkshop on the Exploration of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics (WELTPP-18) - Conference centre "Rolduc", Kerkrade, Nederland
Duur: 3 dec. 20154 dec. 2015


WorkshopWorkshop on the Exploration of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics (WELTPP-18)
Verkorte titelWELTPP-18
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