Planar non-volatile memory based on metal nanoparticles

A. Kiazadeh, H.L. Gomes, A. Rose da Costa, P.R.F. Rocha, Qian Chen, J.A. Moreira, D.M. Leeuw, de, S.C.J. Meskers

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Resistive switching properties of silver nanoparticles hosted in an insulating polymer matrix (poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) are reported. Planar devices structures using interdigitated gold electrodes were fabricated. These devices have on/off resistance ratio as high as 103 , retention times reaching to months and good endurance cycles. Temperature-dependent measurements show that the charge transport is weakly thermal activated (73 meV) for both states suggesting that nanoparticles will not aggregate into a metallic filament.
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TitelNew Functional Materials and Emerging Device Architectures for Nonvolatile Memories
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UitgeverijMaterials Research Society
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2011

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NaamMaterials Research Society symposium proceedings
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2011 MRS Spring Meeting


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