Planar, monolithically integrated coil

F. Roozeboom (Uitvinder), D. Reefman (Uitvinder), J.H. Klootwijk (Uitvinder), L.F. Tiemeijer (Uitvinder), J. Ruigrok (Uitvinder)

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    The present invention provides a means to integrate planar coils on silicon, while providing a high inductance. This high inductance is achieved through a special back- and front sided shielding of a material. Inmany applications, high-value inductors are a necessity. In particular, this holds for applications in power management. In these applications, the inductors are at least 5 of the order of 1 µH, and must have an equivalent series resistance of less than 0.1 O. For this reason, those inductors are always bulky components, of a typical size of 2 x 2 x 1 mm 3, which make a fully integrated solution impossible. On the other hand, integrated inductors, which can monolithically be integrated, do exist. However, these inductors suffer either from low inductance values, or 10 veryhigh DC resistance values.
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 7 jan 2010


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