PIC production and wafer test strategy development

Yasaman Fereydooni

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    Photonics Integrated Circuits (PIC) are devices on which several optical components are integrated. PIC have many applications in telecommunication and all kinds of industrial and medical measurement equipment.
    In Photonics fabrication, opto-electronic components are fabricated on wafers. Then wafers are diced and cleaved to chips. In order to achieve successful mass production, many iterations in photonics building block simulation and mask design are required. Therefore, extensive component characterization and wafer quality check are essential.
    In this project, the performance of PIC components with different layer stack materials and different designs were studied. Also, an analysis tool was designed to execute wafer analysis and acceptance tests.
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    • Cottaar, E.J.E. (Ward), Begeleider
    • Leijtens, Xaveer J.M., Begeleider
    • Kleijn, E., Externe begeleider
    • Tahvili, M.S., Externe begeleider
    Datum van toekenning28 nov 2019
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