Photovoltaic performance of an ultrasmall band gap polymer

A.P. Zoombelt, M. Fonrodona, M.M. Wienk, A.B. Sieval, J.C. Hummelen, R.A.J. Janssen

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A conjugated polymer (PBTTQ) that consists of alternating electron-rich bithiophene and electron-deficient thiadiazoloquinoxaline units was synthesized via Yamamoto polymerization with Ni(cod)2 and provides a band gap of 0.94 eV. This represents one of the smallest band gaps obtained for a soluble conjugated polymer. When applied in a bulk heterojunction solar cell together with [84]PCBM as the electron acceptor, the polymer affords a response up to 1.3µm. © 2009 American Chemical Society.
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TijdschriftOrganic Letters
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2009


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