Photoluminescence studies of individual and few GaSb/GaAs quantum rings

M.P. Young, C.S. Woodhead, J. Roberts, Y.J. Noori, M.T. Noble, A. Krier, E.P. Smakman, P.M. Koenraad, M. Hayne, R.J. Young

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We present optical studies of individual and few GaSb quantum rings embedded in a GaAs matrix. Contrary to expectation for type-II confinement, we measure rich spectra containing sharp lines. These lines originate from excitonic recombination and are observed to have resolution-limited full-width at half maximum of 200 µeV. The detail provided by these measurements allows the characteristic type-II blueshift, observed with increasing excitation power, to be studied at the level of individual nanostructures. These findings are in agreement with hole-charging being the origin of the observed blueshift.
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TijdschriftAIP Advances
StatusGepubliceerd - 2014

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