Philosophical reflections on the relationship between man and technology

M.J. Verkerk, F.C. Holtkamp, E.J.M. Wouters, Joost van Hoof

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In the pursuit of better products and more satisfied patients, the orthotic field is constantly evolving by improving existing and developing new devices. Despite many efforts by professionals in development and innovation of orthopaedic devices, three important problems can be defined: non-use, dissatisfaction, and underexposed problems. This study investigates the orthopaedic practice from a philosophical perspective. At first, a distinction is introduced between professional and user practices. After that, the relationship between man-technology and the aspects of the user practice will be explained. Finally we will discuss our view on successful use of technology as a result of considering the user practice from the perspective of the different aspects.
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TitelAnwendungsorientierung und Wissenschaftsorientierung in de Ingenieursbildung. Wege zur technischer Bildung
Subtitel10. Ingenieurpädagogischen Regionaltagung 2015 Taschenbuch – 1. August 2016
RedacteurenG. Kammasch, A. Dehing, C.A. van Dorp
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2016


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