Personalizing motivational strategies

Carlijn A.L. Valk, Peter Lovei, Hubert Cornelis, Yaliang Chuang , Thomas Visser, Pearl Pu, Yuan Lu

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Design for behaviour change (BC) has the potential to motivate older
adults to increase their physical activity and enjoy the health benefits
hereof. Despite this potential, there is a lack of knowledge about how
to profile users, to most effectively personalize strategies, which is
detrimental to the overall effectiveness of these BC solutions. Thus we
conducted a random control trial in which the effects of two BC
strategies, implemented in two otherwise similar mobile applications,
are compared. From the statistical analysis of the measured step data
and the collected survey data, we were able to create motivation
profiles for BC by triangulating an individual’s contextual, behavioural
and psychological factors. Here we share an overview of our approach.
In this way we aim to inform designers doing important work in the field
of BC toward increased physical activity.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 12 nov 2019
EvenementData Science Summit 2019: The Annual Data Science Summit Eindhoven, organized by TU/e - DSCE - Frits Philips Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven, Nederland
Duur: 12 nov 201912 nov 2019


SeminarieData Science Summit 2019
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