Perovskite philosophy: a branch-formation model of application-oriented science

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In this paper, I present a model of application-oriented science, to supplement existing work in science and technology studies on the re-orientation of scientific research. On this “branch-formation” model, research efforts may be guided by non-epistemic values without compromising their epistemic value: they may involve completion of mechanism representations that serve control over these mechanisms while also adding to our understanding of them. I illustrate this model with a case study from photovoltaic technology, involving the possible use of materials with the so-called ‘perovskite’ structure in dye-sensitized solar cells. The paper has three parts. The first argues how existing work on the increasing application-orientedness of scientific research can and must be supplemented with a perspective from the philosophy of science. The second presents the branch-formation model, which combines central ideas of the ‘finalization-of-science’ program of the Starnberg school with recent work in ‘mechanistic’ philosophy of science and in the philosophy of technology. The third part illustrates the branch-formation model with current developments in research on perovskite solar cells.
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