Performance of new technology-based firms, a meta-analysis

K.S. Podoynitsyna, J.D. Bij, van der, J.I.M. Halman, X.M. Song

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Previous empirical research on performance of new technology based firms (NTBFs) have provided a diversity of factors that can influence the outcomes of these type of entrepreneurial firms. These studies also show a wide variety of study designs and methodological approaches. In this article a reference framework is developed that integrates the different perspectives from the existing entrepreneurship and new venture frameworks. This framework is subsequently used to categorize the various variables reported in empirical studies on NTBF performance. To overcome the limitations of narrative reviews, a meta-analysis is performed to statistically cumulate the literature concerning NTBF performance. A total of 25 factors emerged. Thirteen factors are heterogeneous and the strongest effects are captured by their moderator structures. The results further indicate that only six of 12 homogeneous factors are positively and significantly associated with NTBF performance. The article is concluded with new directions for research.
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TitelProceedings of the European Summer University 2004
RedacteurenA. Groen, J. Ulijn
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UitgeverijUniversiteit Twente
StatusGepubliceerd - 2004
Evenementconference; The European Summer University 2004; 2004-10-19; 2004-10-21 -
Duur: 19 okt. 200421 okt. 2004


Congresconference; The European Summer University 2004; 2004-10-19; 2004-10-21
AnderThe European Summer University 2004


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