Performance improvement in wafer separation machines

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This document is a report of a one year PDEng project performed in ASM Laser Separation International (ALSI) in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The aim of this project was to improve the performance of the wafer separation quality in specific by improving the performance of the planar motor system of the wafer dicing machine. In this project different improvement designs were proposed and evaluated using system engineering methods. The selected designs were implemented and tested. The tests showed considerable improvement in the accuracy of the wafer dicing process. Further more the design results improvement in machine reliability and reduces the downtime of the machine.
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  • Heertjes, Marcel F., Begeleider
  • Noijen, R.P.F., Externe begeleider
  • Aneke, N.P.I., Externe begeleider
Datum van toekenning31 okt 2017
Plaats van publicatieEindhoven
StatusGepubliceerd - 31 okt 2017

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PDEng thesis. - Confidential for ever.

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