Performance assesment for sustainable construction: lest we forget about the client

W. Gyadu-Asiedu, F.J.M. Scheublin, E.L.C. Egmond - de Wilde De Ligny, van

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Sustainability of the built environment is a topic that is receiving much attention in recent times. This is mainly because the concept is inextricably linked with several key global issues e.g. economics, environmental, housing and construction etc. Sustainable construction is necessary for the sustainability of the industry and it has been identified as a key aspect of sustainable development. An important aspect of these has to do with the assessment of the performance of the industry’s quest for sustainability. For a complex industry pursuing such a global objective, it should be appropriate that a well laid out approach of performance assessment be followed. This form of assessment would necessarily have to satisfy the multidimensional, multi-criteria concept. Hence, the need to identify the key measures, criteria, and the stakeholders becomes necessary. For effective promotion of sustainable construction, industry, and hence, development, the authors believe that it should be addressed at the local (national) levels first, then, regional, continental, and finally at the global level. In addition, it is submitted that the client as the promoter of construction should be an active partner in ensuring sustainability during the entire process of implementing construction projects. If sustainability issues start with the project, and with the client, it is should be a step the direction leading to the bigger picture of sustainable construction at the global level.
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TitelProceedings of CIB World Building Conference 2007, Cape Town, South Africa
StatusGepubliceerd - 2007
Evenement17th CIB World Building Congress, May 14-17, 2007, Cape Town, South Africa - Cape Town, Zuid-Afrika
Duur: 14 mei 200717 mei 2007


Congres17th CIB World Building Congress, May 14-17, 2007, Cape Town, South Africa
StadCape Town
AnderCIB 2007 : Tri-annual CIB World Building & CIB W104 Open Building Implementation Conference, Cape Town


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