Patterned Actuators via Direct Ink Writing of Liquid Crystals

Marc del Pozo Puig, Jeroen A.H.P. Sol, S.H.P. van Uden, Akhil R. Peeketi, Sean J.D. Lugger, Ratna K. Annabattula, Albert P.H.J. Schenning (Corresponding author), Michael G. Debije (Corresponding author)

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Soft actuators allowing multifunctional, multishape deformations based on single polymer films or bilayers remain challenging to produce. In this contribution, direct ink writing is used for generating patterned actuators, which are in between single- and bilayer films, with multifunctionality and a plurality of possible shape changes in a single object. The key is to use the controlled deposition of a light-responsive liquid crystal ink with direct ink writing to partially cover a foil at strategic locations. We found patterned films with 40% coverage of the passive substrate by an active material outperformed “standard” fully covered bilayers. By patterning the film as two stripes, a range of motions, including left- and right-handed twisting and bending in orthogonal directions, could be controllably induced in the same actuator. The partial coverage also left space for applying liquid crystal inks with other functionalities, exemplified by fabricating a light-responsive green reflective actuator whose reflection can be switched “on” and “off”. The results presented here serve as a toolbox for the design and fabrication of patterned actuators with dramatically expanded shape deformation and functionality capabilities.
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TijdschriftACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
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StatusGepubliceerd - 15 dec. 2021


Science and Engineering Research BoardCRG/2018/002365
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Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Ministry of Education, India
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