Parametrizing mechanical systems using matrix fraction descriptions: with application to spatio-temporal identification

Vertaalde titel van de bijdrage: Het parametriseren van mechanische systemen met matrix fractie beschrijvingen: met toepassing op spatieel-temporale identificatie

R. de Rozario, R.J. Voorhoeve, T.A.E. Oomen

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Identifying accurate Linear Parameter Varying models of flexible mechanical systems is crucial for the inference and control of unmeasured performance variables in high-performance mechatronic systems. A succesfull grey-box strategy to obtain accurate models through a local approach is to directly identify canonical mechanical systems, whose parameters can subsequently be interpolated in a physically motivated manner. Estimating these generally nonlinear-in-the parameter modal models from Frequency Response Function data through gradient-based techniques suffers from the potential of converging to sub-optimal estimates. In this research proposes a novel Matrix-Fraction Description parametrisation that is shown to be equivalent to the relevant class of modal mechanical systems. This parametrisation enables the formulation of the Sanathanan-and-Koerner and Instrumental Variables estimators which are known to attain the global optimum upon convergence.
The proposed parametrisation is successfully employed to directly estimate a large set of local models of various position-dependent motion systems, thereby confirming that proposed the identification method is well-suited for practical applications.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 27 sep 2017
EvenementEuropean Research Network System Identification Workshop - Domaine Lyon Saint Joseph, Lyon, Frankrijk
Duur: 24 sep 201727 sep 2017
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CongresEuropean Research Network System Identification Workshop
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  • identification
  • Mechanical systems

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de Rozario, R., Voorhoeve, R. J., & Oomen, T. A. E. (2017). Parametrizing mechanical systems using matrix fraction descriptions: with application to spatio-temporal identification. Postersessie gepresenteerd op European Research Network System Identification Workshop, Lyon, Frankrijk.