Parameters affecting the synthesis of titanium silicalite 1

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For prepn. of zeolite TS-1, the influence of the SiO2 source, crystn. time, stirred/static crystn. conditions, TPAOH source, OH-/Si ratio, Si/Ti ratio and sol concn. were studied. Crystns. were carried out at 175 Deg in Teflon-lined autoclaves. Well shaped, homogeneous, highly cryst. batches of TS-1 zeolites were prepd. with Si/Ti ratio 24 to ... (0 to 4 mol-% Ti) and a crystallite size of 0.09-12 mm. To form small crystallites, seeds are added and the reaction mixt. is agitated during crystn. The best conditions to form small crystallites are: high silicon concn., low OH- concn. and low water concn. [on SciFinder (R)]
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