Parameter Estimation of Solid-Electrolyte-Interphase-based Ageing in the Doyle-Fuller-Newman Model Framework

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Ageing model implementation and parameter estimation remains an active research area in the field of Lithium- ion battery modeling. This paper proposes a parameter estimation procedure based on multiobjective opmization, where- both objectives of having accurate voltage predictions and capacity degradation are simultaneously optimized. An iterative solution strategy is proposed to obtain a Nash equilibrium of the non-cooperative multiobjective optimization problem. The implementation of the parameter estimation procedure results in parameters for both the Doyle-Fuller-Newman model equations as well as the ageing modeling equations, which assumes ageing due to the formation of the Solid-Electrolyte-Interphase layer. The proposed strategy shows convergence of the model parameters while resulting in an improved accuracy of both the modeled voltage as well as the modeled capacity fade. Furthermore, voltage predictions remain more accurate over the lifetime by including ageing modeling.
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