Parameter-dependent feedforward strategies for motion systems

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In high performance motion systems, the ever increasing demand for high accelerations and tracking accuracy necessitates the explicit incorporation of the parameter-dependent dynamics in the control design. For feedforward control, this can be achieved via the application of the Linear Parameter-Varying (LPV) framework or by including the measured parameters into the nonlinear control framework. Through simulation studies it is shown that addressing position-dependent dynamics with an LPV or nonlinear feedforward design increases the performance of motion systems compared to traditional linear time-invariant and nonlinear methods. Furthermore, similarities and advantages among the feedforward methods are investigated.

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Titel2018 Annual American Control Conference, ACC 2018
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Evenement2018 Annual American Control Conference, (ACC2018) - Milwauke, Verenigde Staten van Amerika
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Congres2018 Annual American Control Conference, (ACC2018)
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