Papers from recent European regional conferences of the international telecommunications society

Alberto Nucciarelli, Bert Sadowski, Jason Whalley (Corresponding author)

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TijdschriftTelecommunications Policy
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StatusGepubliceerd - 23 sep 2019

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The papers in this special issue were presented at two recent European regional conferences of the International Telecommunications Society (ITS). The theme of the 28th European regional conference, which was held in Passau, Germany, between the 30th July and 2nd August 2017 was ‘Competition and Regulation in the Information Age’ while the theme of the 29th European regional conference was ‘Towards a Digital Future: Turning Technology into Markets?’ This conference was held in Trento, Italy, between 1st and 4th August 2018. The conference in Germany was hosted by the University of Passau, and that in Italy by the University of Trento.

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