Panoptic segmentation with a joint semantic and instance segmentation network

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We present a single network method for panoptic segmentation. This method combines the predictions from a jointly trained semantic and instance segmentation network using heuristics. Joint training is the first step towards an end-to-end panoptic segmentation network and is faster and more memory efficient than training and predicting with two networks, as done in previous work. The architecture consists of a ResNet-50 feature extractor shared by the semantic segmentation and instance segmentation branch. For instance segmentation, a Mask R-CNN type of architecture is used, while the semantic segmentation branch is augmented with a Pyramid Pooling Module. Results for this method are submitted to the COCO and Mapillary Joint Recognition Challenge 2018. Our approach achieves a PQ score of 17.6 on the Mapillary Vistas validation set and 27.2 on the COCO test-dev set.
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