Optical sensor with tilt error correction

L.A. Cacace (Uitvinder), W.D. Amstel, van (Uitvinder), R. Henselmans (Uitvinder)

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In a optical sensor (30) for measuring object surfaces (2) with high precision, measuring errors due to tilt of an object surface can be corrected by using a pupil monitor (72), which senses the intensity distribution of the reflected measuring beam (b') in combination with a correction/ calibration table (76) and use the monitor signal to correct the primary measuring signal (FES) of the sensor. Especially for a differential confocal sensor, a further order of correction can be obtained by determining optimum position and diameter of the pinholes
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OctrooinummerEP1992905 (A1)
StatusGepubliceerd - 16 mei 2007

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