Optical label switching add-drop multiplexer for high performance metro networks

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We demonstrate a novel fast optical add-drop multiplexer (OADM) for high-capacity and low-latency next-generation metro network by exploiting optical label switching technology. The parallel optical label processing technique allows nanoseconds OADM reconfiguration time for efficient statistical multiplexing of the data packets, and facilitates per channel power monitoring for implementing nanoseconds semiconductor optical amplifier-based per channel power equalization. Experimental results of a ring network with four OADM prototypes confirm nanoseconds dynamic add/drop operation, including multicasting and power equalization for 50-Gb/s data payload. The average delivery time is <;110 μs (40-km ring), and the packet loss is <;10<;sup>-6<;/sup> for a load of 0.4 and 16-packet buffer.
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