Opportunities for control engineering in arable precision agriculture

A.T.J.R. Cobbenhagen (Corresponding author), D.J. Antunes, M.J.G. van de Molengraft, W.P.M.H. Heemels

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In this paper, we present an overview of several challenges in arable farming that are well suited for research by the control engineering society. We discuss the global needs that these challenges are related to as well as the relation of these challenges to future applications of arable farming. For each of these opportunities we provide several concrete and detailed research questions. Particular attention is paid to the management of resources and sensors in farms. The objective of writing this paper is to further entice control engineers into the domains of agronomy and agricultural technology.

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TijdschriftAnnual Reviews in Control
Nummer van het tijdschriftXX
StatusGeaccepteerd/In druk - 2021

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