Operational modelling of preventive maintenance of a production plant

A.H. Christer, Wenbin Wang, R.D. Baker, J. Sharp, T. Wyant

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In this paper we describe a case study carried out at a local company which manufactures copper products. The study addresses the imptementing of Planned Prevenlive Maintenance (P M) of an Extrusion Press, a key capita/ machine in the company. Using the Delay Time Modelling Technique, the model parameter values are estimatedfrom subjective data obtained through a questionnaire survey, and a goodness of fit test is proposed to assess the model fit. As aresult of the model test, revised parameter values are obtained in termsof the "best" model fit. Based upon the results of data analysis and delay time modelling, improved P M policy and procedures have been proposed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of PM These proposals have been generally accepted by the company. The results are highlighted
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TitelNew developments in maintenance
RedacteurenH.H. Martin
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UitgeverijMoret Ernst & Young
ISBN van geprinte versie90-386-0125-5
StatusGepubliceerd - 1995

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