Onset of magnetic interface exchange interactions in epitaxially grown Mn-Co(001)

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Manganese (Mn) grows in a metastable expanded (c/a > 1) face-centered-tetragonal (fct) phase on thin fct-Co(001) template films. A layer-by-layer growth mode is obsd. for small Mn thicknesses. Antiferromagnetism (AFM) of fct-Mn is evidenced by the observation of shifted magnetization loops antiparallel to the cooling field direction (neg. bias) and enhanced coercive fields for Co/Mn bilayers. At low temp., magnetic exchange interactions are detected at the Co/Mn interface for nominal Mn thicknesses as low as 1.4 monolayer (ML), indicating the onset of AFM in 2-ML-thick Mn islands. However, between 2- and 5-ML Mn, a pos. bias of the magnetization loops is obsd. in a certain temp. range below the blocking temp. (TB) of the films. This peculiar behavior is explained by the dependence of TB on both the local Mn ML thickness and the Mn island size, leading to a unidirectional coercivity enhancement in a temp. range where both blocked and unblocked regions coexist in the Mn layers. [on SciFinder (R)]
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